Three Kurdish youths were sentenced to 16 years and seven months in prison

In April of this year, four Kurdish citizens, Arman Hosseinzadeh, 20, Bahman Rahimi, 19, Milad Hosseini, 19, and Sina Abdullahi, 17, from Baneh, were tried in the Saqez Revolutionary Court.

 According to the Saqez Revolutionary Court, Arman Hosseinzadeh was sentenced to six years and seven months in prison, Bahman Rahimi to three years and six months in prison, and Milad Hosseini to six years and six months in prison. Sina Abdullahi' sentence has not been announced yet. 

 The Saqez Revolutionary Court has charged these four citizens on "propaganda against the regime, burning the banners of Qasem Soleimani and membership in one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government."

 These four Baneh citizens were detained by security forces in mid-December.

 Bahman Rahimi and Milad Hosseini are in prison, and Arman Hosseinzadeh and Sina Abdullahi have been temporarily released  on bail.

 Photo: Arman Hosseinzadeh, Bahman Rahimi, Sina Abdullahi and Milad Hosseini