Three Kurdish Kolbars were wounded by IRGC forces at Urmia's Sumay-ye Beradust border

 On Thursday, July 9, three Kurdish Kolbars named "Hekmat Ahmadi", the son of Sediq from the village of "Kuran", "Shamzin Ahmadi", the son of the Hakem from the village of "Kuran" and "Roshan Jahangiri", the son of Fazel from the village of "Sinaabad" from Sumay-ye Beradust District, Urmia were severely wounded by the firing of the Revolutionary Guards.

 The IRGC forces fired directly at the three Kolbars without prior warning.

 These three Kolbars were taken to the medical centers of the Turkish cities of Gore and Van for medical treatment.

 Roshan Jahangiri general condition was reported to be critical and three bullets hit him in the abdomen.

 Photo: Shamzin Ahmadi, Roshan Jahangiri and Hekmat Ahmadi