Three Kurdish citizens were burned while putting out fire

Kurdpa Agency: Three Kurdish citizens from the city of Ravansar burned during extinguishing of the fire.

According to a report by the Kirdapa news agency, on Saturday, July 6th, the farms of the villages \"Hills of Quick\", \"Babahiran\" and \"Hills of Lori\" were on fire and three villagers from the village of \"Hills of Lori\" were burned while putting out the fire.

\"Milad Azimi\", \"Farzad Maleki\" and \"Abdolreza Morshedi Niknam\" are three citizens who have burned 53%, 50% and 37% in extinguishing the fire.

These three Kurdish citizens are currently undergoing medical care at the Kermanshah Khomeini Hospital.

also in this regard, on Saturday, August 25th, 2018, four environmental activists from Marivan named \"Sharif Bajor\", \"Omid Koneposhi\", \"Rahmat Hakiminia\" and \"Mohammad Pajohi\", died during the extinguish of the forests around the villages of Pileh and Salsi.

Sharif Bajor was born in 1971, son of Bayzid, and he was well-known social activisms in Kurdistan. in 2017, this social activisms in a symbolic protest he rode a bicycle to Tehran with the slogan \"Non-violence is the path to humanity\'s victory\".