Three Kolbars were injured by a landmine at the Baneh border

10:58 - 28 February 2022

 On Monday, February 21st, three Kolbars named "Fouad Mehdi Ebrahimian", "Kianoosh Raufi" and "Amanj Ebrahimpour" from Sardasht were seriously injured by a mine explosion at the "Hangeh zhal" border in Baneh.

 The three Kolbars were injured in the leg and were taken to Salahuddin Ayoubi Baneh Hospital for medical treatment.

 the exact condition of the three Kolbars is not known.

 In this regard, on the evening of Monday, February 21st, a Kolbar named "Arkan Mahmoudi", 25, son of Bahram from the village of "Mir Abdoli" in the Bayangan district of Paveh, was severely injured by a mine explosion in the Shushmi border heights in Nowsud district.