Three Kolbars were injured at the Nowsud border

17:35 - 11 March 2022

 On the evening of Tuesday, March 8th, three Kolbars named "Pouria Abdolrahmaninejad", "Pejman Abdi" and "Mansour Abdi" from the city of Salas_e_Babajani were wounded by government soldiers at the Nowsud border.

 Government troops fired on these three Kolbars without any prior notice.

 The three Kolbars were taken to medical centers for medical treatment and their general condition was reported to be good.

 In this regard, on Wednesday, March 9th, a car carrying Kolbars overturned on the Paveh-Nowsud road, and four Kolbars named "Zakaria Firoozbakht, Aras Ahmadi-Tabar, Farhang Sahragard and Soroush Naqdi" from the city of Sala_e_Babajani were injured.

 The four Kolbars were taken to Quds Paveh Hospital for medical treatment.