Threats to members of the \"Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh\" Campaign in Oshnavieh and Mahabad

Kurdpa Agency: The intelligence forces and the Revolutionary Guards threatened members of the Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh campaign in Oshnovieh and Mahabad.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday, April 7th 2019, the Revolutionary Guards threatened the Oshnavieh\'s Civil Associations to stop collecting public donations under the name \"Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh\" and end the activities of this campaign.

An informed source, confirming this news to the Kurdpa Agency, and said: Despite the pressure of the Revolutionary Guards to stop the \"Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh\" campaign, the Oshnavieh\'s civil society continues to collect public donations.

Meanwhile, intelligence forces threatened members of the Mahabad Zhianehwe Soroushti Association to end the activities of the \"Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh\" campaign in Mahabad.

One of the member of the Mahabad Zhianehwe Soroushti Association told Kurdistan Press Agency that despite the threats made by the intelligence forces, the activities of the \"Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh\" campaign are ongoing to collect public contributions to the Lorestan flood-victims in Mahabad.

He said that the Mahabad Zhianehwe Soroushti Association has denied the requesting intelligence agencies to stop the activities of the \"Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh\" campaign.

After a severe flood in Lorestan, Civil associations in Kurdistan set up a campaign called \"Zagros_Chawe_Remaneh\" for collecting public donations for the flood victims in Lorestan, and this campaign has been widespread popularity in Kurdistan.