Threats of Kurdish parties by the sustainable Security National Studies responsible

Kurdpa Agency: Responsible for Sustainable Security National Studies headquarters threatened to annihilate the Kurdish opposition parties.

Hassan Rastegar Panah, Sustainable Security National Studies Director was making speeches for the members of the Hamzeh headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards, while threatening the Kurdish parties, said that \"Saudi Arabia is encouraging groups to send a team to inside of the country.\"

\"In recent months, with the activation of the Saudi embassy in Iraqi Kurdistan, Kurdish terrorist and separatist groups, they have gone to the embassy and have frequent visits and receive conspiracies from the center,\" he added.

The vice president of the Sustainable Security National Studies of the General Staff of the Armed Forces has stated in his speech: \"The shamelessness of the Saudi princes and the mercenaries of the United States has been dangerous for the entire region, and in recent years have called counter-revolutionary groups to carry out terrorist acts against the Iranian nationwhich with the self-devotion of the fighters of Hamzeh Sayed al-Shohada headquarters, they have always failed and did not make any progress. \"