There is no specific reason for making an arrest of Zahra Mohammadi

Kurdpa Agency: A detained member of the Nojin Socio-Cultural Association is still in detention for unknown reasons.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, after twenty days being arrested of Zahra Mohammadi, a detained member of the Nojin Socio-cultural Association, the intelligence agencies and judicial institutions have not announced a specific reason for her detention.

The family of this social activism emphasized on her innocence and stated: \"The reason for the detention is still unknown and no one knows what is going to happen for her destiny.\"

The websites affiliated with the Ministry of Intelligence are trying to accuse Zahra Mohammadi to membership in one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iran, but her family said: \"Zahra has no connection, membership or activities with any political parties or organizations. \"

According to an informed source, this social activism has not been charged and her fate is in a state of uncertainty.

On Wednesday, May 29th, Zahra Mohammadi, a detained member of the Nojin Socio-cultural Association contacted her family after seven days of detention, and also she has met her family on Thursday, June 30th.

On Monday, May 27th, Members of the Nojin Socio-cultural Association held a gathering protest in front of Sanandaj\'s Court and in this protest have called for the immediate and unconditional release of Zara Mohammadi, a detained member of this association.

On Sunday, May 26th, two detained members of the Nojin NGO named \"Idris Menbari and Rebwar Menbari\" from Sanandaj were released and Zahra Mohammadi other detained member of the Nojiin Socio-cultural association, are still in detention.

On Thursday, May 23rd, these three Kurdish social activisms were arrested by the intelligence forces without any legal permission.