The websites of the Ministry of Intelligence have focused on dealing with Ney Nowruz participants

Kurdpa Agency: Ministry of Intelligence\'s websites criticized the intelligence agencies in Kurdistan, and demanding on intense confrontation with the Nowruz participants of the village of \"Ney\", Marivan.

According to a Ministry of Intelligence website, a reliable source reports from Marivan, a number of secret members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan attended the Nowruz ceremony of the village of Ney and Tangisar, and cause a disturbance or riot with the flag of Kurdistan and the logo of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, they started to propagating Party Slogans and the so-called revolutionary hymns of democratic terrorists.

According to these websites, Unfortunately, this trend continues, and the military and security forces have not taken any preventive actions, and the anti-revolution has come to this area without any fears or worries, and they are trying to break the norm among the people.

The following Ettelaat\'s websites said: \"This kind of hideous behaviors is unacceptable in the country of the Islamic Republic of Iran on a clear day, and they are requested from military and security institutions to identify and arrest the perpetrators of these norm-breaking in order to avoid repeating such bitter events. \"

These websites emphasized: \"The military and security institutions of the country must certainly be accountable for these bitter events in the Islamic Republic.\"

Publication of images of the Nowruz ceremony in the village of \"Ney\", Marivan in cyberspace has been a source of happiness for users of social networks and angered by intelligence institutions.

A few days ago, the websites of the Ministry of Intelligence also called participants in the Bokan\'s \"Taraqeh\" ceremony \"disruptive and sympathetic to Democrat and Komala parties\" and demanded to treat with them.

Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties has launched a campaign called \"Nowruz, Dance of freedom\", which in response to the campaign, intelligence agencies created a climate of terror and arrest of Kurdish activists.

Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties\' campaign has been welcomed by the people of Kurdistan.