The tragic condition of Kolbars (backpack carriers) in ongoing

Kurdpa agency: The Iranian military forces shot and killed another Kolbar in Sardasht.

According to reports received by Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa), on March 10 2017, another Kurdish Kolbar (backpack carrier) working on the borders of South and East Kurdistan was shot and killed by the Iranian military forces.

According to Kurdpa corresponded in Sardasht, Ako Ghassemi from the Betosh was shot and killed by the forces without any warning.

Due to lack of employment opportunities and infrastructure, hundreds of Kurdish Kolbars living on the borders of East (Iran) and South (Iraq) Kurdistan take up this dangerous job in order to provide for their families. Many of them end up killed and severely injured by the indiscriminate shooting of the Iranian armed forces.

According to Kurdpa’s records, since the beginning of the New Year, 31 Kolbars have been killed and injured as a result of the indiscriminate shooting, avalanche and snow blizzards.