The Radio jamming has prevented from the receiving of satellite programs in bukan

Kurdpa Agency: The existence of extensive and powerful radio jamming has caused the Kurdish satellite broadcasting programs in bukan and surrounding villages to face serious problems.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, the strong radio jamming wave sent by the Iranian government on the Kurdish satellite channels to covers the entire city of Bukan, and it is not possible to receive sound and image of these channels.

According to a Bukan\'s citizen, during the night, Kurdish satellite channels are continuously interrupted and most citizens are deprived of the diversity of satellite programs.

The Kurdish satellite networks include all the satellite channels of the Kurdish parties of the Islamic of Iran opposition, as well as other Kurdish channels that are mainly broadcasting in Iraqi Kurdistan.

For several years, Iranian security forces, in particular the Revolutionary Guard Corps in Kurdistan, have been installing the radio jamming wave device to transmit the radio jam on satellite channels which these waves have a negative and destructive effect on the fetus and in most cases cause premature and early child births.