The Pursuit-evasion of the Revolutionary Guards led to the death of a Kurdish Kolbar

Kordpa Agency: A Kurdish Kolbar from Javanrud, after being pursuit-evasion by the Revolutionary Guards fell down from Nowsud\'s altitude and lost his life.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday, May 8th, a group of Kurdish Kolbars were lurked by the Revolutionary Guards in Nowsud border, and as a result of the firing and pursuit-evasion of these forces one of the Kolbars lost his life.

The Kurdpa journalist announced the identity of the dead Kolbar is Hadi Musazadeh, a 50-year-old from the city of Javanrud.

Kurdpa journalist reported that this Kurdish Kolbar being pursuit-evasion by Revolutionary Guards and fell down from Nowsud\'s altitude and immediately lost his life.

In this regard, on Saturday, May 4th, a group of Kurdish Kolbars were shot by government troops in Nowsud border and as a result, a Kolbar called \"Sadegh Azizi\" son of Eskandar from the village of Bivanad, Javanrud, lost his life.

This group of Kolbars have been shot directly without prior warning by government troops stationed at Shooshmi outpost from Nowsud District.