The political and security deputy governor of Kurdistan accused Kurdish parties in skirmishing along with the Shaho area

Kurdpa Agency: political, security and social deputy governor in Kurdistan attributes military involvement to Kurdish parties in Shaho area.

In a conversation with the IRNA, Hussein Khosh Eqbal, the political, security and social deputy governor in Kurdistan, said in a statement confirming the military conflict in the Shaho area: The Kamyaran Revolutionary Guards have been involved with the armed counterrevolutionary gangs around Haniya Rangelands in Gashki.

Political, security and social deputy governor of Kurdistan has said a member of the Revolutionary Guards has been killed in the conflict. So far, details of the conflict have not been published.

On Wednesday, April 24th, several members of the IRGC were killed and wounded as a result of the clashes of the Revolutionary Guards with an unidentified armed group.

In this clash, a member of the Revolutionary Guard called Naser Dorooi from the village of Lown-e Sadat, Kamyaran was killed and his brother, Saber Dorooi, was seriously injured.

None of the Kurdish parties in the Iranian government\'s opposition have not claimed the responsibility for the conflict.

The Iranian government calls the Kurdish parties \"counter-revolutionary\". The term \"counterrevolution\" in the political literature of the Islamic Republic of Iran refers to individuals whose political activity is contrary to the current official policy of Iranian sovereignty.