The persecution of government troops led to the death of a Kurdish tradesman

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish tradesman from Saqez due to the persecution of government troops, his car met an accident and lost his life.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Thursday evening, May 16th, the car of a Kurdish tradesman named Hesam Mohibi, son of Mansour, resident of Baharestan Payen zone, Saqez was turned over by the persecution of government troops and led to his death.

During the pursuit-evasion this tradesman, his car fell into the abyss on the Saqez-Zanjan road, in this accident the other passenger was severely injured.

In this regard, on the evening of Tuesday, May 14th, a Kurdish tradesman called \"Aram Zarde Showane\", son of Vahed from the village of Gond-e Vila Oshnavieh, sank into the Gadar River and lost his life.

This 17-year-old tradesman near the bridge of the \"Ayshe Khan\" riding on the horse was going to cross the Gadar river, which has fallen into the river due to the flow of water.