The leg amputation of a 53-year-old farmer by mine blast

Kurdpa Agency: A farmer from the city of Marivan lost his right foot in the aftermath of the explosion.

According to the report by Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, April 16th, \"Mohammad Imanward\" Farmer, 53, son of Rahim from the village \"Asenabad\", Marivan lost his right leg on landmines left over from the war between Iran and Iraq.

The Kurdish citizen suffered from this incident at around 12:00 and is now hospitalized in Fajr Marivan Hospital.

Following recent rainfall, Kurdish citizens in the cities of Marivan, Malakshahi, Dehloran, Gilan-e-Gharb, Ilam and Mehran have witnessed the displacement of unexploded mines and ammunition.

Following recent rainfalls, mining clear-up activists have warned against the displacement of unexploded mines and ammunition in Kurdistan.

According to official investigations, Iran is the second-most contaminated with mines country in the world, and apart from controversial statistics on landmine numbers, it is estimated at four million and two hundred thousand hectares of Iran\'s land, officials have reported that there has been more than 16 million unexploded mines and ordnance after the end of war in Urmia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ilam and Khuzestan.