The Kurdistan Press Agency publishes names of human rights violators in Kurdistan

Kurdistan Press Agency for the first time publishes the names of human rights violators in Kurdistan for public information.

The names of these people are published under the heading \"Database of Human Rights violators in Kurdistan\" and including judicial and intelligence agencies in Sanandaj.

The names have been provided to the Kurdpa Agency by an informed source in the Sanandaj Justice Department, who requested anonymity for security reasons.

This list has been tested several times and Kurdpa tries to be the least mistaken with the limitations of information on these authorities.

Kurdistan Press Agency commenced its operation on July 23rd, 2011, and the purpose of its launch is to provide information in Kurdistan. And also Kurdistan news coverage and its correct transmission to other sites and news medias, are the most important strategies of the Agency.

Kurdpa, the Kurdistan Press Agency works with all ethical and human principles in order to discover and clarify the facts and acts as a reliable source of news.