The IRGC confirmed the bombardment of the Kurdistan Region

Kurdpa Agency: Public relations the Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps confirmed the bombardment of Kurdistan Region, claiming that they have targeted the Kurdish parties opposition of the Iranian government.

On Friday, 12 of July, the Public Relationsof the Ground Forces of IRGC announced in a statement that following the movements of the Kurdish opposition parties, the killing of three members of the Revolutionary Guards in Piranshahr, warning the Kurdistan region and started to bombard the Kurdistan Region from Wednesday, July 10th.

The IRGC operations were carried out by missile, UAVs and artillery units.

The Revolutionary Guards have claimed that a number of Kurdish parties members have been killed and wounded in these bombardments.

Also on Thursday, July 11th, Kurdistan-based Peshmarge commanding forces affiliated with the PDKI said in an statement: \"The Islamic Republic of Iran, in the season of harvesting farmers and Nomad migrants to the mountains of Kurdistan, according to various excuses, and one of these excuses is the existence of the Kurdistan Peshmarge and hatred have left on the people and displaced civilians in bombardment by the rockets and Katyosha. \"

The Kurdistan Peshmarge force commander added: \"The Kurdistan Peshmarge force was committed to living of the civilian people, and this is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which opposes the ordinary people\'s lives and expresses their hatred to the people.\"

on Wednesday, July 10th and Thursday, July 11th, IRGC has bombarded some part of Kurdistan Region, and following an 18-year-old girl named Zaytoun Ghader was died and two of her brothers, Sirwan Ghader, 23, and Ismail Ghader, 14, were severely injured.

Also, in these bombardments, two Peshmarge of Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan were wounded.