The injuries of two Kurdish Kolbar on the borders of Nowsud and Sardasht

Kurdapa Agency: Two Kurdish Kolbar were wounded and transferred to health centers by the shooting of government troops at the borders of Nowsud and Sardasht.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday, April 1st, a Kurdish Kolbar called \"Ebrahim Khoshnoudi\" son of Hassan, from the village of Sardeh, Paveh, was severely injured by direct firing of government troops at the Nowsud border from the foot.

This Kolbar was shot by government\'s border post at the Nowsud border and then transferred to the Paveh treatment centers.

On the other hand, a group of Kolbars on the Sardasht border has been trapped by government troops, and as a result of the firing of government troops, a 30-year-old Kolbar, Rauf Sulemani from vazineh district, Sardasht, has been severely injured from ​​the foot.

After this incident, he was transferred to a hospital in Urmia for medical treatment and is currently undergoing medical care.