The identities of more than thirty detainees protesters in Kurdistan protest rallies have been identified

09:51 - 25 November 2019

Kurdpa Agency: Dozens of protesters have been arrested by intelligence and law enforcement forces during recent demonstrations in Kurdistan cities.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, dozens of protesters have been detained in Kurdistan cities during the recent protest rallies, who their identities of more than thirty detainees protesters  have been identified for Medias and human rights activists. 

 Most of the detainees were taken to the IRGC detention centers for interrogation and some were released on bail.

 In Sanandaj, five protesters, namely Amir Khaledi, Saber Ghadir, Mohammad Zare, Rashad Mohammadpour and Dariush Siari, have been arrested in protest rallies.

 During the protest rallies in the city of Marivan, six protesters, including Sadiq Azizi, Maysam Mohammadi, Pouria Alipour, Ershad Kkonzr, Loghman Khorab and Ali Tajar, were arrested by government officials.

 Thirteen citizens protesting in the city of Javanrud were: Farid Mahmoudi, Shaban Moridi, Sadeq Osmani, Ribvar Seedrostami, Mohammad Ebrahimi, Amjad Shahmoradi, Omran Waldi, Amin Kasab, Vahid Abdi, Armin Farokhi and Makwan, Loghman and Arkan Soleimani have been arrested in protest rallies.

 During the protests in Urmia, three protesters, namely "Nahwo Amini", "Rezgar Sadaghat" and "Saeed Mohammadzadeh" were arrested. and according to reports received from Kermanshah, four citizens were detained during the protest rallies in Kermanshah who are Mohammad Yari, Ali Zolfaqarnasab, Mobin Moradi, and Reza Jabari. 

 Also in Bokan, two protesters named Sadeq Khazri and Suleiman Nader, in the city of Mehran, a protester citizen named Amir Hossein Jiran and in the city of Ilam  two protesters named "Mahin Razaq" and "Sohrab Arabi", were arrested.

 Precise statistics of detainees protesters are not available due to severe repression in Kurdistan cities.