The headquarters of Iranian Kurdistan parties and the camp of political refugees were targeted by the IRGC attacks

16:16 - 28 September 2022

Following the attacks of the Islamic Republic Guards on the headquarters of the Iranian Kurdistan parties in the border areas for the past four days, today, September 28th, the headquarters of these parties and camps of political refugees in Sulaymaniyah province and city of Koyeh  have also been targeted.

 Today, September 28th, the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in city of Koyeh  and the headquarters of the Komle parties in Sulaymaniyah province were targeted by the Revolutionary Guards.  Also, the political refugee camp of these parties, where the families, wives and children of political activists live, and which is under the supervision of the UN, has been the target of attacks.

 As a result of these attacks on the Koya political refugee camp, a large number of people were injured and two people were said to have lost their lives. Many of the injured are children and school students.

 Also, the institutions of both parties and their offices have suffered a lot of material damages. It is said that these attacks are still ongoing.