The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans rejected two mines victims

Kurdapa Agency: The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Committee have not accepted two mines victims from the city of Bokan according to Article 2 of the Governorship\'s mandate to accept them.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, the cases of two mines\' victims, Hadi Lagzi and Suleman Ovaisi from Bokan, was rejected by The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans.

These two citizens lost their two hands and two eyes in the childhood in the 90s and after more than 10 years, the Commission Article 2 of the Bokan Governorate issued the verdict to accept them as altruist and they declared it to The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans.

Following the announcement of the Commission\'s Article 2 vote to The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans, this office has not accepted the Article 2 Committee\'s decision and has refused to comply with it.

These two citizens filed a lawsuit with the Administrative Justice Court and following the advocating of their lawyers, the court is reviewing the case of the two victims of the mine.

Osman Mizin, an attorney in relation to some of the deficiencies in the Law on mines victims and the procedures of committees under Article 2 of the Governor\'s Office for the examination of their rights said that the martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs, which are one side of argument, do not agree with that people are considered as martyrs or veterans, and they have a financial burden for them.