The fingers of a Kurdish Kolbar will be cut off

Kurdpa Agency: The fingers of a Kurdish Kolbar from the city of Nowdeshah will be cut off to stop suffering.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, the fingers of a Kurdish Kolbar named Ahmad Razi, 47, from Nowdeshah, who had been frostbitten during carrying load, will be cut off.

Medical expenses will be raised by citizens and will be operated on Saturday, August 24th. After a few months, the fingers of this Kolbar has been rotten and fall one by one.

\"\"in March, 2019,during carrying loads, this Kurdish Kolbar was frostbite in Tate Heights, Hawraman and he was under the snow for four hours.

According to Kolbar, he was hospitalized for five days at Kermanshah Hospital and after five days of medical treatment, he was forced to discharge with satisfaction due to lack of afford.

So far, the relevant government agencies have not taken any action to support this Kurdish Kolbar to cover medical costs.