The execution of four Kurdish prisoners in Zanjan and Ilam prisons

Kurdpa Agency: four Kurdish prisoners were executed on charges of \"murder\" in Zanjan and Ilam prisons.

On Tuesday, April 16th, a prisoner named Hedayat Mehrabi, son of Borzou from Kermanshah, who was sentenced to Qisas for \"murder\", was executed at Zanjan Central Prison.

the Iranian Human Rights quoted a source as saying.\"In 1393, he was arrested on charges of killing a person named Izzat in Kermanshah and his death sentence was confirmed in the Supreme Court in1396 Hijri.

It is said that during the last five years, the Mehrabi\'s family had been trying to reach a settlement with the victim’s family, despite the attempts, they were not made to do so.

Also, according to the Rokna News Agency, on Thursday, April 18th, three prisoners were Qisased for the murder, with the presence of the enforcement of judgement, judiciary and avengers of blood.

This news site does not mention the identity of the executed and details of their case.