The execution of a Marivani citizen in the central prison of Sanandaj

Kurdpa Agency: Sanandaj Central Prison officials executed the death sentence of a Kurdish citizen from Marivan.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday, April 28th, a Kurdish citizen named \"Ahmad Irani\" , son of Sa\'id from Marivan was executed at Sanandaj Prison.

In the year 1388, this citizen committed in the deaths of two citizens in a mass affray from the families of \"Shahsavari and Khoon Jaam\" in Marivan.

This Marivani citizen was sentenced to Qisas in 1390 on charges of \"murder\" during a mass quarrel.

This prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement on April 14th and after knowing the possibility of his execution, he attempted to self-injury and sew his eyes.