The detention and summoning of Kurdish citizens are continuing

09:50 - 15 October 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: Arrests and summons of Kurdish citizens in Kurdistan on charges of participating in protests rallies in support of Rojava are still continuing. 

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday, October 13th, a Kurdish  activism, Ayoub Javanpour, son of Ostad Ahmed, from Saqez, has been summoned and interrogated by the intelligence agents of Saqez. 

 This social activism was summoned and charged with "plotting a rally in support of Rojava," and intelligence officials threatened him to stop from participating in any rally.

 also in this connection, on Saturday, October 12th, two Kurdish climbers Abbas Hashempour and Rashid Naseri were summoned to the Oshnovieh Ettelaat Bureau and then detained by intelligence forces. 

 Intelligence forces detained these two Kurdish climbers on charges of "participating in Rojava protests rally" and no information is available on the their fate. 

 Also on Sunday, October 13th, three Kurdish citizens from Piranshahr were arrested by intelligence forces on charges of "participating in protests in support of Rojava" and no information is available on the their fate and the place of keeping.

 So far, the identity of one of the detainees of Piranshahr, Hadi Khezri, 27, has been identified for the Kurdpa Agency.