The death sentence for the suspects in the murder of Sadeq Barmaki in the Supreme Court has been finalized

Kurdpa Agency: Three defendants in Sadegh Barmaki\'s case, a 19-year-old Mahabadi teenager, they have been sentenced to death by Qisas, and this decision has been finalized by the Supreme Court.

\"All three defendants have been sentenced to Qisas in Sadeq Barmaki\'s case, and the ruling has been finalized by the Supreme Court,\" said Mustafa Habibi, a public prosecutor and revolution in Urmia, in an interview with the Mizan news agency, confirming the news.

On May 17th 2018, \"Daniel Divani Azar\", \"Daniel Zainal Abedin\" and \"Kamal Asghari\" from first to third defendants of the murder case of Sadegh Barmaki, a 19-year-old Mahabadi, charged on \"involvement in a murder\" by the Judiciary of the Iranian government were sentenced to Qisas and Hussein Jahangiri, convicted of fourth defendant, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of \"assistant to murder.\"

The website of the \"Center for Democracy and Human Rights of Kurdistan\" wrote in a report: \"These people have been accused of smacking Barmaki with cleaver on his neck,
belly, hands and feet on September 22nd 2017, and left his body around the village of Kuseh Kahriz.

They are also accused of having returned to the murder scene the next night to make sure that he was dead but they knew about Sadeq last breath, Daniel Divani Azar, along with Daniel Zainal Abedin, who burnt the semi-alive body of the Sadeq.

According to the website of the \"Center for Democracy and Human Rights of Kurdistan\", \"On September 25th 2017, one of the villagers was reported his corpse, and on September 26th 2017, Daniel Divani Azar, Daniel Zainal Abedin, Kamal Asghari, and Hossein Jahangiri as defendants of this case was arrested.