The councilor\'s leader of the Iranian government threatened the Kurdish parties

Kurdpa Agency: Assistant and Advisor to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in his speeches in Kermanshah, threatened the Kurdish opposition parties to revenge.

According to reports affiliated with the IRGC\'s media, Pasdar Rahim Safavi, an assistant and advisor to the leader of the Iranian government in a speech in Kermanshah, said: The IRGC will take a hard revenge from the Kurdish parties of the Iranian government.

\"We call on our neighboring countries to watch over of the groups that are active on their country and to be loyal to their commitments,\" he said.

Also in this regard, on Wednesday, July 10th, Pasdar Osanlu, commander of the IRGC Hamze headquarters in Piranshahr, said: \"The Democrat, Komala and the counter-revolution in the Kurdistan region of Iraq are waiting for the retaliatory action of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and today they are counting to destroy themselves. \"

The commander of the Hamza Base Revolutionary Guard Corps said: \"Kurdistan officials are the main reason behind this action and should reply it. We have repeatedly reminded the authorities of the region many times in this field and in the development of such forces in the region,\" I told myself.