The commander of Hamza camp threatened the Kurdistan Region and Kurdish parties

Kurdpa Agency: The Commander of the Hamza camp threatened Kurdistan Region and Kurdish parties.

On Wednesday, July 10th, Ossanlou, the commander of the Hamza camp Revolutionary Guards Corps, threatened to take revenge on Kurdish parties during a speech in Piranhshar.

On Tuesday, July 9th, the public relations office of Hamza camp announced the deaths of three of its members in Piranshahr.

Hamza Public Relations announced that three of Hamza\'s forces were killed with the names of Hasel Ahmadi, Sattar Pirooti and Omid Melazadeh, and another person was wounded.

These threatening words came from the head of the Hamza camp after the death of these three members of the Revolutionary Guards, and said: \"The Democrat, Komala and counter-revolution in the Kurdistan region of Iraq are waiting for the retaliatory action of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and today they will be counted for their annihilation.\"

\" Kurdistan Region authorities are the culprits for this action and should be accountable,\" he said. \"We have repeatedly reminded regional officials of this area and raised such forces in the Kurdistan Region,\" I said.

Local sources in Javanrud reported that a member of the Revolutionary Guards Corps named \"Mohammad Khan Suleimaninsb\", from Tayjouz, was killed in an armed conflict and two other members of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, \"Laeq Saidi and Rauf Zarei,\" were injured.

This conflict has taken place in the mountains of the \"Bivale\" in the city of Javanrud.