The cold weather took the lives of three Kurdish Kolbars in the heights of Piranshahr

Kurdpa Agency: Three Kurdish Kolbars died due to cold weather at the height of the \"Kani Khoda\", Piranshahr.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on the evening of Tuesday, April 16th, three Kurdish Kolbars at the altitude of the \"Kani Khoda\", Piranshahr encountered frostbite and lost their lives and two other Kolbars were rescued.

The Kurdpa reporter in Piranshahr declared the identity of these three dead Kolbars \"Bahman (Yusuf) Jasouri, a 22-year-old, son of Abdul Baghi from Shinabad, Piranshahr, Hussein Shamzadeh, son of Morad from the village of Kani Ashkot, Piranshahr and Sirvan Pashang, son of Mohammad from the village of Musalan, Sardasht\".

The dead body of Kolbars were transferred to the mortuary of Piranshahr Hospital.

According to recorded statistics at the Center for Statistics of the Kurdistan Press Agency in 1397, 14 Kurdish Kolbars died due to the fall of avalanches, snow, and cold.