The case of suspected death of one the Kurdish clergyman was closed by the of the Revolutionary Guards

Kurdpa Agency: The case of suspected death of one the Kurdish clergyman in Baneh has been closed without announcing its results.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, under the pressure of the Revolutionary Guard, the reason for death of a Kurdish clergyman named \"Taha Qaderi\", 24, from Baneh, has been announced who was Drowning in the Nanur Dam.

One of Taha Qaderi\'s close relative told Kurdpa Agency that this young Kurd was summoned to the Baneh\'s Ettelaat Bureau on several occasions for criticizing the source of emulations in Iran.

This informed source said, he was summoned and interrogated last time by the Baneh\'s Ettelaat and taken by the IRGC forces to Nanur Dam and then drowned him in a dam.

According to this source, the IRGC forces put the staff of this Kurdish clergyman near the dam and the people found his corpse on the water and contacted his family with his personal mobile phone and informed them this incident.

The source stated that the body of the young man was initially transferred to the Baneh Police Criminal Investigation Department and then transferred to the forensic medical service.

This source said, with the pressure of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, forensic medical service declared the cause of death of this clergyman was drowning in the water of the Nanur Dam and forced his family to close the case by signing the files that no one was suing.

On Tuesday, April 9th, 24 hours after the disappearance of Taha Qaderi, his body was found on the water of the Baneh\'s Nanur Dam.

Taha Qaderi was clergy student in the Darul-Quran Mohammad Rasulullah Qaibird religious science school of Baneh.