The arrest of three Kurdish citizens in Shahin Dezh and Takab and Transfer of detainees of Marivan to Sanandaj

Kurdpa Agency: detention of Kurdish citizens are continued by intelligence forces in Kurdistan cities.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Monday, July 15th, two Kurdish citizens, \"Rahim Ahmadpour\" and \"Amir Tapora\", from the village of Qazanli, Shahin Dezh were arrested by intelligence forces and moved to an unknown location.

The intelligence forces have raided the homes of these two Kurdish citizens and arrested them for unknown reasons.

Also in this regard, on Monday, July 15th, intelligence forces raided a private house of a Kurdish citizen, Bahman Khosravi, from the city of Takab and arrested him.

Precise information is not available about the fate and reason for the detention of this citizen.

On the other hand, five detainees from the city of Marivan named \"Goran Ghorbani\", \"Fateh Houshmand\", \"Ali Rezaie\", \"Omid Salehi\", and \"Yadgar Deljo\", were transferred to the Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau for interrogation.

These five Kurdish citizens were detained by intelligence forces on Sunday 14th, 2019. Goran Ghorbani and Fateh Hoshmand are members of Marivan Chya the Green Organization.

Also on Monday, July 15th, a Kurdish citizen, Khalid Suri, from the village of Churo Nana, was arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Kurdpa Agency\'s sources are reported on the mass arrests of Kurdish citizens in Iranian Kurdistan and the identity of some detainees are unknown.