The 28 dray-horses of tradesmen died in Piranshahr

Kurdpa Agency: 28 dray-horses of tradesmen were killed in a direct gunfire of government troops.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday, June 8th, the 28 dray-horses of tradesmen were targeted by direct firing of government troops in the village of Ziweka, Piranshahr.

According to an informed source, these 28 dray-horses belonged to Hajar and Aware Atashbarg and Mohammad Sharstin from Piranshahr and Aziz Ram from the village of Silveh.

This source added that the tradesmen have voiced discontent with this action of government forces.

In recent days on this regard, in the mountains of \"Merga Choko\", near the village of Mashkan, Piranshahr, government troops have sprayed tens of horses of the tradesmen.

The Piranshahr Environmentalists Association said that this is \"a clear offense against animals and deprivation, there is no point in killing them anywhere in the law.\"