Summoning the youth of the village \"Sardush\" to the Ettelaat of Marivan

Kurdpa Agency: 30 young person from the village of Sardush were summoned to the Marivan Ettelaat Bureau.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, intelligence forces threatened the youth of the village \"Sardush\" Marivan, through telephone calls and summoned them to the Ettelaat\'s Bureau of the city.

According to an informed source, intelligence forces attcked to their homes in order to arrest two of the youths of the village, \"Sardush\", but failed to arrest them.

This source said, The youth of the village\" Sardush\"have refused to go to the Marivan Ettelaat Bureau and respond to the demands of the intelligences.

This informed source said that the reason for summoning of the youth of the village \"Sardush\" as \"holding a magnificent Nowruz ceremony\" in the village, which infuriated the intelligence forces.

In this regard, on Monday, March 25th, two young Kurds, Arsalan Nikkhah, 24, a son of Aref, and Arash Nozari, 23, from village of Sardush, Marivan were arrested by intelligence.