Summoning a young Kurdish man to the Marivan\'s Ettelaat

Kurdpa Agency: A young Kurdish man from a village in Marivan was summoned to the Ettelaat Bureau of the city and interrogated.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday, March 27th, a young Kurdish man, Kamran Ghaderi, 25, son of Kaveh, from the village of Sardush, Marivan summoned to Marivan Ettelaat Bureau.

According to an informed source, the reason for the summoning of this young man has been participating in the ceremony of the \"Nowruz\" in village of \"Sardush\".

This source added that the young man has been released after several hours of interrogation by intelligence forces.

In this regard, on Tuesday, March 26th, another young citizen from the village of Sardush, Marivan, named \"Adel Nikkhah\", 23, son of Omar, was detained by intelligence forces.

Also on Monday, March 25th, two young Kurds, Arsalan Nikkhah, 24, a son of the Arif, and Arash Nozari, 23, son of Fayagh from Sardush, Marivan were arrested by the intelligence forces.