Suicide Epidemic on the Rise among Kurdish Youth, Leaving Three More Dead

Kurdpa: The suicide rate is skyrocketing among the youth in Kurdistan, the latest being four suicide attempts resulting in the death of three.

According to information obtained by Kurdpa, a suicide epidemic is present and on the rise among Iranian-Kurdish youth; among those numbers, four young people have attempted suicide.

According to the information available, among the three who attempted suicide in the village of “Qalarash”, in the suburbs of Sardasht city, two have died.

In the city of Piranshar, Kani Agushi, a university student ended her life in her home by hanging herself. She was in her final year of an undergraduate program. She is also the daughter of Mohamad Amin Agushi, the Kurdish political prisoner held in Zahedan Prison.

There has been a stark increase in the number of suicides attempts across Eastern Kurdistan, and the authorities in the region have done little to look into the root causes.

Kurdpa also previously reported the deaths of three more people. On July 1, 19-year-old Hadi Haydari from the village of ‘Gulaneh’, in the suburbs of ‘Diwandare’ hung himself.

On January 12, in Mariwan, Alan Rezapour, a 17-year-old girl ambulated herself. Alan, married and with a five month baby, later died in hospital due to the severity of her burns.

On June 10, in the village of ‘Qalarash’, a part of ‘Sardasht’ city, 17-year-old Marzieh Ahmadi ended her life by hanging.

Poverty, unemployment and the lack of work and economic opportunities in the Kurdish areas of Iran are among the top factors behind these suicides.

Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers and editing by Sharmin Hassaniani.