Strong security measures to stop the presence of people at the tomb of the Qazi Muhammad

Kurdpa Agency: The intelligence forces prevented the presence of people at the tomb of Qazi Muhammad in Mahabad.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday, March 30th, the intelligence forces block the custody of the tomb of Qazi Muhammad and prevent the presence of the people over his tomb.

Kurdpa\'s reporter in Mahabad reported that since morning, intelligence agencies have been stationed around the tomb of Qazi Muhammad, and have been dispersing citizens.

\"\"A report to the Kurdistan Press Agency indicates that the intelligence forces have closed the entrance door to the leader Qazi Muhammad, and has imposed strict security measures around the tomb of Qazi Muhammad.

72 years ago, on March 30th, 1947, Qazi Muhammad, the President of Kurdistan, Mohammad Hussein Sef Qazi, the Minister of Defense and Vice President, and also Sadr Qazi, representative of the Mahabad in the fourteenth parliament of the National Assembly and representative of the Kurdistan Region in the central government, then after several meetings of the Trial and Military Court and directly by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and officially announced by Razmara, the Chief of Staff of the Army at that time and at the Chahar Cherakh (Chwarchra) Square, which was officially Republic of Kurdistan announced on January 22th 1946, were executed.

Granting the title of Leader to Qazi Muhammed during the founding of the Republic of Kurdistan, especially in the Kurdistan newspaper and Kurdish people after his execution.

In recent years, the political, cultural and social activists of all four Kurdistan districts have been trying to announce the 30th of March as the day of the martyrs of Kurdistan by political parties and political groups, as well as the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, and recorded in the Kurdistan calendar.