Six Kurdish citizens were arrested in Mahabad

Kurdpa Agency: Six Kurdish citizens from the city of Mahabad were arrested by intelligence forces.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, six Kurdish citizens called as \"Salim Sheikhnejad\", \"Sohrab Ghaderzadeh\", \"Hemen Ismaili\", \"Omid Ebrahimzadeh\", \"Shirko Abbas Taher\" and \"Khalid Kavolani\", were arrested by intelligence forces.

These six Kurdish citizens were detained by intelligence agents from July 6th to July 11th, without any legal permissions.

According to an informed source, \"Salim Sheikhnejad\", \"Sohrab Qaderzadeh\", \"Hemen Ismaili\", \"Omid Ghaderi\" and \"Khalid Kavolani\" were transferred to the Urmia Ettelaat Bureau Detention Center after being arrested and no accurate information is available on their fates.

Until now, no information is available on the reasons for the detention of these six citizens.