Severe Air Pollution Hits Tehran

Kurdpa - Rising level of air pollution in the capital city of Tehran has forced people with respiratory and heart ailments to stay at home, Press TV reports. Iran\'s Health Ministry has issued a warning for the elderly and children to avoid any unnecessary travel to the city center.

The health advisory also recommended air pollution masks for taxi drivers and others who must be outside.

The critical air pollution condition has also hit other major Iranian cities like Isfahan.

Last year the Iranian government enforced strict traffic laws to curb this deadly phenomenon; however, air pollution caused the government to close down public organizations, banks, schools and universities in Tehran.

Stopping polluting vehicles and industries, and stepping up local traffic restrictions were among other measures carried out by the government.

Experts believe the issue needs something more than a temporary solution.

\"Measures such as enforcing strict traffic laws are temporary and Tehran\'s air pollution problem needs a long term solution,\" Mahsa Joulaian of Tehran Air Quality Control Center told Press TV.

She added that, \"Being surrounded by mountains is another cause of air pollution in Tehran.\"

Following the pollution hike, several quarries and mines as well as tarmac and brick factories have been temporarily closed in the western and southern suburbs of the capital.

Tehran is city home to an estimated population of over 15 million people and traffic jams of more than 3 million cars and buses.

A study by the Air Quality Control Center shows that in Tehran cars produce at least 4,400 tons of air pollutants every day.

Source - Payvand