Several members of the IRGC were killed and wounded in the Shaho area, Kamyaran

Kurdpa Agency: Several members of the IRGC were killed and wounded after a clash between an unidentified armed group and the Revolutionary Guards in Shaho area, Kamyaran.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday, April 24th, several members of the IRGC were killed and wounded as a result of the conflict between the Revolutionary Guards and an unidentified armed group.

The Kurdpa journalist announced the identity of one of the Revolutionary Guards is \"Nasser Dorooi\" from the village of Lown-e Sadat, Kamyaran.

Kurdpa journalist correspondent a quoted from an informed source, another member of the Revolutionary Guards is from the village of Lown-e-Sadat, named Saber Dorooi, brother of Nasser, was wounded in the clash.

Until the release of this news, none of the Kurdish parties in the Iranian government\'s opposition have not claimed the responsibility for the conflict.

In this regard, the Kamyaran\'s IRGC and the Gashki Base Operational announced the launch of military maneuvers and military exercises on the operational axis \"Haniya and Gozyban, as well as the Diyznau ranges from the beginning of the valley (Vargir) to the end (Dareh Kale)\", by the Revolutionary Guard forces from Wednesday April 4th until further announcements.

In this announcement, the Revolutionary Guard called on the citizens of the Shaho District to \"leave the area as soon as possible and ban citizens, farmers, climbers and tourists\".

The Revolutionary Guards have threatened that \"the responsibility for the commute in this area is the responsibility of the person.\"