Security, military and riot forces prevented Nowruz celebrations in the village of Ney in Marivan

11:47 - 24 March 2022

Today, Monday, March 21st, security, military and riot forces raided the Nowruz ceremony in the village of "Ney" in Marivan and prevented the ceremony.

 According to an informed source, military and riot forces clashed with the people and opened fire on the crowd.

 The informed source added: "Several citizens have been injured by the firing of military and riot forces."

 After the calling of youth of the village of "Ney" in Marivan to hold the Nowruz ceremony, security forces, the military and the riot forces imposed heavy security conditions on the village.

 Recently, the Marivan Intelligence and IRGC Intelligence agents summoned 61 citizens of the village of Ney to prevent the Nowruz celebrations.

 Also at the same time of the New Year, the Special forces and riot police attacked the Nowruz celebrations in the streets of Oshnovieh and clashed with the people.

 Special forces and riot police used tear gas and pellet gun to disperse the crowd.