Security forces arrested two environmental activists in Piranshahr

 On Wednesday, November 17th, an environmental activist named "Jahangir Saghernia", 33, a member of the Piranshahr Environmental Supporters Association, was arrested by security forces.

 Security forces arrested the environmental activist in the center of Piranshahr without any court order.

 Simultaneously with the arrest of this member of Piranshahr Environmental Supporters Association, another member of this association named "Khabat Khatial", 40, was arrested after being summoned to Piranshahr Ettelaat Bureau. 

 According to an informed source, Mr. Khatial has recently been under pressure from security agents due to his activities in the "Andisheh" book café in Piranshahr.

 No information is available on the reason for the arrests and the charges against the two environmental activists.

 Photo: Jahangir Saghernia and Khabat Khatial