Secret execution of a citizen from Bijar

Kurdpa Agency: A citizen from Bijar has been executed in Zanjan Central Prison one month ago.

A citizen from the city of Bijar, called Seyyed Samad Enayati, 31, was executed in the central prison of Zanjan on April 30th, who was convicted on \"Qisas\" (executions) for \"intentional murder\".

Iran\'s human rights organization, while confirming this news, has said: \"The citizen has been secretly executed in reticent of media.\"

This prisoner who had been working as plumber before his arrest in 1393 Hijri and committed a murder due to financial disputes.

Iran\'s human rights organization has emphasized that the execution of this prisoner has not been announced by the official medias for a month and it is considered a secret execution.

The unproclaimed executions which constitute the majority of executions in Iran, while in accordance with Article 21 of the Code of Conduct on the execution sentences, Stoning, crucifixion, Amputation or disability should be announced through \"the news of the execution of the sentence by mentioning the type of crime and summary of the court ruling in newspapers\".