Saqezi Kolbar\'s body was found after a three-month in heights of Baneh\'s border

Kurdpa Agency: The body of a Kurdish Kolbar from Saqez, which was disappeared three months ago in pursuit of the government military in the Baneh\'s heights, was found.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, April 30th, a Kurdish Kolbar called \"Abbas Ghaderzadeh\" from Darreh Abi village in Zu ol Faqr Rural District, Saqez, after three months disappearing, with the melting the snow on the mountain \"Hojreh Faqihan \"Behind the village of Nanor, Baneh, his body was found.

On Monday, January 28th 2019, This Kurdish Kolbar was involved in snow and snowstorm after being pursuit of government troops in the mountains surrounding the village of Barvish Kani, in Nanur Rural District.

In the incident, two other Kolbars called the Saman Salehi, 24-year-old, from the \" qaokh\" zone, Saqez and \"Mohammad Karimi\" from the village of the \"Shuy\" Baneh, in the mountains around the village of Barvish Kani, Nanor district, got stuck and due to coldness lost their lives.