Saqez Revolutionary Court sentenced a Kurdish citizen to two years in prison

 A Kurdish citizen named "Erfan Mortezaei", 32, son of Ezatullah from Saqez, was sentenced by the First Branch of the Revolutionary Court of this city, headed by Judge "Javad Mostafaei", to two years in prison.

 The court charged this citizen with "membership in the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government" and issued a sentence against the citizen, according to the Saqez Intelligence Bureau.

 This sentence was officially announced to Erfan Mortezaei on Sunday, December 13th.

 The verdict issued for this Kurdish citizen is in person and can be object in the courts of appeal within twenty days from the date of notification.

 This citizen from Saqez was arrested on November 11th, without any court order by the security forces, and after four days of detention, he was temporarily released on bail of 150 million Tomans.

 Erfan Mortezaei was previously a member of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government and returned to Iran in March 2020 and was detained for four days at the Saqez Intelligence Bureau. 

 This citizen was arrested again in June by the security forces and after four months of detention, he was released on bail.