Saqez; Arrest of two citizens protesting the murder of Zhina Amini by security forces

13:47 - 19 September 2022

On Saturday, September 17th, two protester citizens named "Kamiar Heydari", 40 years old, and "Mohammed Zabihi", 22 years old, the son of Mohammad Amin, were arrested by the security forces and taken to an unknown location in front of the governorate of Saqez.

 According to an informed source, so far the follow-ups of the family of these two citizens to find out about their fate and whereabouts have been unsuccessful.

 On Saturday, September 17th, the gathering of citizens protesting to murder of Zhina Amini in front of the Saqqez Governorate turned into violent following the intervention of anti-riot and security forces.

 In this gathering, dozens of protesters were arrested by the security forces, and the exact number of those arrested is not available.

 Also, nearly dozens of protesters were injured by the shooting of bullets, and the people requested doctors and nurses to treat the protesters in their homes.

 The protesting citizens refuse to go to medical centers for medical treatment due to the fear of being arrested by the security forces.

 On Friday, Septembers 16th, 22-year-old Zhina (Mehsa) Amini from Saqez, who was in a coma as a result of a severe beating by the Morality Police, died in Kasra Hospital in Tehran, and on Saturday, September 17th,  His body was buried in the Aichi cemetery in Saqez with the large presence of people.