Sanandaj; Two Kurdish citizens were detained by security forces

 On the morning of Sunday the 5th of December, two citizens named "Saadi Menbari", 26, son of Osman and "Siamak Arang", 26, son of Yadollah from "Niyar" village in Sanandaj were arrested by the security forces.

 Security forces detained these two citizens without issuing any court order and then transferred them to an unknown location.

 Security forces searched the homes of these two citizens during their detention.

 No information is available on the reason for the arrests and the charges against these two citizens.

 In this regard, on the morning of Sunday, November 14th, four Kurdish citizens named "Arash Menbari", son of Hussein, "Zanyar Menbari", son of Amanullah, "Sivan Menbari" son of Heshmat and "Milad Menbari" son of Mohammad from the village of "Niyar" in Sanandaj were arrested by security forces.

 Photo: Siamak Arang and Saadi Menbari