Sanandaj; Arrest of three Nowruz organizers in a children's park

11:46 - 24 March 2022

 On Monday, March 21st, security forces and riot police raided the Nowruz celebrations in Sanandaj Children's Park and arrested three organizers, Sohrab Jalali, Jamal Asadi, and Fouad Enayati.

 According to an informed source, no information is available on the fate of these three citizens after their arrest by security forces.

 On Monday, March 21st, a ceremony was held in Sanandaj Children's Park on the occasion of Nowruz, and Sharifa, the mother of Ramin Hussein Panahi, a Kurdish political prisoner who was executed on September 8, 2018, distributed roses among the people.

 Sohrab Jalali and Jamal Asadi, civil activists in Sanandaj, have been repeatedly summoned and detained by security forces in recent years.

 Fouad Enayati was arrested in October 2019, during rallies in support of Rojava in Sanandaj. He was released  temporarily on bail after interrogation.  He was sentenced to ten months in prison and 74 lashes on charges of "disturbing public order by participating in illegal gatherings by judge Omidi in Sanandaj Criminal Court 2 branch 104.

 On Monday, July 27, 2020, Mr. Enayati 74 lashes  was carried out by the First Branch of the Sanandaj Penitentiary.

 Photo: Fouad Enayati, Jamal Asadi and Sohrab Jalali