Sanandaj; A protester was killed by security forces

11:33 - 13 October 2022

In the evening of Wednesday, October 13th, a protester named "Aziz Moradi" died in Sanandaj due to the shooting of the security forces during the protest rally.

 According to an informed source, at 22:00 Sanandaj time, the security forces directly fired at this protester with a AK-47 weapon in Naysar neighborhood.

 This informed source added: Aziz Moradi is the owner of Gol Gandam restaurant.

 In this regard, on Saturday, October 8th, during Public protests in Sanandaj, the security forces clashed with the protesters and four protesters named "Payman Manbari", "Dariush Alizadeh", "Yahya Rahimi" and "Mohammed Amini" were shot by the security forces and died.