Sanandaj; A citizen was shot dead by police

 On the evening of Sunday, November 7th, a Kurdish citizen named "Farhad Zandi Charkheh Bayan", the son of Ezatullah, from Sanandaj, was shot dead by police.

 A relative of this citizen told Kurdpa: Law enforcement officers raided Mr. Zandi's personal car on the road from Sanandaj to Dehgolan without any prior notice.

 The informed source added: Farhad's car was free of smuggled goods and he lost his life after being shot in the head by soldiers.

 The informed source stated: The body of this citizen was buried in the morning of Monday, November 8th, in the presence of a large number of police forces in Sanandaj, and the security forces threatened the Zandi family to refrain from interviewing the media about this issue.