Revolutionary Guards drones targeted Kurdistan Peshmerga forces

 On Monday, August 3, the headquarters of the Kurdistan Peshmerga were attacked by  rockets fired by Revolutionary Guards drones.

 In this rockets attack, material damage was inflicted on one of the bases of the Kurdistan Peshmerga force.

 The website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran states that the Kurdistan Peshmerga are in perfect health.

 On June 16 and 17 of this year, the Revolutionary Guards shelled the "Alaneh" heights in the territory of the Kurdistan Region and the bases of the Kurdish parties of the Iranian opposition.

 On June 23, Kaveh Bahrami, the head of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces Command, responded to the threats of Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards ground, in an interview with Kurdpa: The Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces will respond decisively to any attack by the Revolutionary Guards.